Future Shows and Events

Past Shows and Events

Frank Pe, Kim Jung Gi, Peter Han Show

Feb 2 – Mar 30

Syd Mead: The Process of Progressions

Nov 16 – Jan 28

CTN Presents The Wacom Workspace Grand Opening

July 6th

Master Drawing Workshop
with Henry Yan
July 14-16

I Agreed to What?!

July 29th

A Day with Stephan Franck
Visual Storytelling and more..
June 3rd

Creating a Rockstar Portfolio
Is Back
May 7th

Joe Grant Day (FREE)

May 16th


July 28 – Sept 3

Kim Jung-Gi 2017

June 16 – July 23

Mothers Day in Neverland
Kids of all ages
May 13th 10am – 1pm

Moebius Tribute
John Tucker and John Mahoney
May 8th 7pm – 10pm

Project Neverland

May 5th – June 11th

Traditional Drawing using Procreate
Glenn Vilppu
April 23rd

(FREE)Making a splash
“Holly’s Day at the Pool”
April 25th

(FREE) Armand Serrano
Conversation with Creators
April 22nd

Eyvind Earle Day

April 21st

Jones Paints America

March 24 – April 30

Ronald Searles Birthday

March 4th


February 19 – March 19

Family Day
Children’s Workshop
Dec. 4th

CTN sketch FEVER

Last Sunday of Every Month

The Iron Giant
Reunion & Book Signing
Sept. 17th

Dynamic Bible Launch
with Peter Han
July 31st, 2016

Kim Jung Gi
July 9th – October 30th

Andreas Deja Lecture

July 30th

Pigment, Pixels and Perspective
Mike Hernandez
May 6 – July 3

Shane Glines
Signing & Lecture
June 11th

The World of Eclipse
The Well & The Black Sea
Artbook Launch

Molly and the Bear
Book Signing
April 23rd

CTNXmas Challenge

Open Until April 26th

Showem What You Got
September 10th

Showem What You Got
March 5th

Matt Jones
Searle Presentation Book Signing
Feb 6, 2016

Eyvind Earle
Winter Scenes
Jan 15th – May 1st 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser
Nov 6 – Jan 10

Eric Goldberg and David Bossert Booksigning
October 17th

Cloud Country Book Launch
October 10th

Extraordinary Tales
October 2 – November 1

Sam Michlap Show Closing
September 27th

Showem What You Got – CTN Recruiting Prep
September 26th

Pop Up Sketch Day
Sept. 19

Critique and Paintovers with Samuel Michlap
August 29th

Pop Up Sketch Day
August 22

Peter Han Book Launch
August 16

Internship with
Andreas Deja August 1

Art of Eyvind Earle
March 1st – April 12th, 2015

Silent Auction Fundraiser Art Exhibit
June 6

Watercolor and Beyond by Alina Chau
June 20 – July 19

Cinematic Storytelling
Deconstructed July 24 – September 27

Past Workshops and Booksignings