Shadows and Dreams
May 16-Jun 15, 2014

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    Shadows and Dreams
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  • Date and Time:
    Exhibition Dates May 16 - June 15
    Book Signing Launch: May 17th and May 18th 1:00pm-5:00pm


Orders include a signed mini-print for the first 50 buyers of the book who attend the Burbank launch on May 17 or May 18th.

Two-time Emmy Award Winner and Annie Award Nominee Christophe Vacher brings together for the first time a compilation of his personal Art mixed with works for the movie and gaming industries.

In this first volume, Christophe Vacher introduces a wide range of pieces, illustrating his versatile career, alternately as a painter, concept artist/illustrator and art director. From his haunting and dream-like personal paintings often inspired by his European background and the Imaginary Realism movement, to his animation and movie work for major Hollywood studios, along with a variety of concept art and illustrations for the entertainment industry, the book presents a selection of both traditional and digital artworks, spanning over a period of more than 20 years.

This edition contains both English, French and Chinese translations all combined within the same book.

About the Artist:
Christophe Vacher is a 2-time Emmy Award winner and Annie Award Nominee French artist who has provided Backgrounds, Visual Development and Art Direction for Disney, Dreamworks, Universal Studios and the film industry since 1989. He worked in many small animation studios before joining Disney’s Paris-based animation unit for three years, where he painted backgrounds for such animated films as “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Runaway Brain” and served as head of background for the 1995 feature, “A Goofy Movie”.

Relocating to California in 1996, he continued his art career with Disney, where his credits have included painting backgrounds and concept artwork for “Dinosaur”, “Hercules,” “Tarzan”, the Stravinsky Firebird finale for “Fantasia 2000″ and “Treasure Planet”. He also worked on Dreamworks’ “Shark Tale” doing concept Artwork and paintings.

In 2004, he became Art Director, first on a CG animated short movie for Studio Arts in Los Angeles, then for the animated segment of Disney’s live action movie “Enchanted”, and eventually for the CG feature film “9″, produced by Tim Burton and directed by Shane Acker, for which he got a 2010 Annie Awards Nomination (the equivalent of the Academy Awards for Animation) in the category “Best Production Design for a Feature Production”. He worked for a few months as production designer on the upcoming movie “Heroes and Monsters” and as a visual development artist for Universal Studios on “Despicable Me”. He won 2 Emmy Awards in 2011 and 2012 —as well as a 2014 Annie Awards Nomination— for his art direction on the TV series “Transformers Prime” and is currently working on the next Transformers TV series at Hasbro Studios.

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