Pigment, Pixels and Perspective
Mike Hernandez
May 6 – July 3

  • Show Title:
    Pigment, Pixels and Perspective
  • Artist:
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  • Show Schedule:
    May 6 - July 3
  • Date and Time:
    Reception May 6th 7:00pm
  • Workshop Title:
    Color, Composition and Light from Life
  • Instructor:
    Mike Hernandez
  • Date and Time:
    May 14th 6:00 - 9:00pm - May 15th noon - 7:00pm
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Pigment, Pixels and Perspective is a rare opportunity to view the creations of Mike Hernandez. In a salon setting you will go on a journey filled with the cinematic energy and raw yet serene quality of Mike’s plein air painting style.

Mike Hernandez is a Production Designer, Art Director and Concept Artist at Dreamworks animation. His past projects include Shrek, Turbo, Bee Movie, and other Dreamworks films. He also teaches plein air painting, cinematic lighting, color and composition at various institutions. Painting practically every day, Mike works primarily in gouache and occasionally oils.

Working quickly to meet tight deadlines helps to build a confident, economical approach that shows through in his personal work of qouache paintings. With a palette that resides at the crossroads between industrial and landscapes, Mike finds inspiration anywhere from the Eastern Sierra range to the muddy concrete banks of the LA river. His landscapes and cityscapes show confident draftsmanship fused with great sensitivity for color, composition and light.

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