Master Class Pascal Campion
June 16

Master Class Visual Storytelling with Pascal Campion from Creative Talent Network on Vimeo.


Question: What is a story?  Answer: An emotional journey

  • characters
  • staging
  • point of view
  • composition

These are the basic rules of storytelling.

Join Illustrator and Designer Pascal Campion in a workshop that helps explain each rule and why they are important and helpful in reaching your audience, and demonstrates with the help of master performance and movement artists, Lorin Eric Salm and Jessica Ostrander, the art of visual storytelling.

Learn the tips and tricks to tell a story  that will catch and hold your audience’s attention, and comprehend and interpret it clearly in the way that it is intended.

You have a brief moment to get an idea across before an impression is made.  Learn to use that moment to your advantage and set the stage for your story using characters you can relate to, staging that helps to tell the story, a point of view, and a clear composition that pulls everything together.

About Designer and Illustrator Pascal Campion:
Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator and animator living in Burbank, C.A. USA. In 2006 Pascal began to truly develop his own art and style, but lacking time due to his full time job, he had to come up with an efficient solution. It was then that “Sketch of the Day” was born: every morning, first thing, he creates a sketch, albeit full color, and a story unto itself. This routine has yielded an archive of close to 3,000 sketches and over 100,000 organic Facebook followers and growing numbers on Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt and Pinterest.

About Lorin Eric Salm and Jessica Ostrander

Lorin Eric Salm is a mime actor and movement instructor. He was a student of the great French mime Marcel Marceau. Lorin has been a character movement reference actor for animated films and TV, including children’s favorites “Care Bears” and “Strawberry Shortcake”, and has taught his Character Movement for Animation Workshops at some of the industry’s leading studios.

Jessica Ostrander is a movement artist and storyteller. She is trained in physical theatre and holds a degree in mime performance. In addition to movement arts she also applies her knowledge of body design and story as a freelance illustrator for print and film.

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