Jack Mircala

  • Show Title:
    The Art of Extraordinary Tales
  • Artist:
    Raul Garcia & Jack Mircala
  • Show Schedule:
    October 2 - November 1



Jack Mircala  studied interior and industrial design in Madrid. His  great academic records  foreshadowed a prosper and bright professional future.  He worked in several design studios but following his childhood dreams he left what could have been a promising field  and decided to change gears and become a graphic artist developing and publishing his own personal projects.

After this little personal revolution Jack eventually reinvented himself. So, playing a game of false identities and  under the spell of Jack Skellington and the vampire Carmilla (Mircalla)  Jack Mircala was born. A dark and  introverted artist  tenacious and tireless, looking for inspiration and emotional refuge in a fantasy mansion located in the imaginary remote land of “Malvadia” .

Arts and crafts were at the center of Jack’s artistic journey and he found his voice in the colorful worlds of cut out paper and cardboard.  He started using this technique to craft his first illustrations. At the beginning the process was slow, working endless hours in search of a style.: refined, personal, enchanted.  But there was no way back in his journey and he was determined to push forward his own stories, his own universe, his personal work.

Mircala  lived by the words from the film “Ed Wood” as Johnny Depp’s character talks with Orson Wells: “ Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams”.
Jack brings back is childhood craft works and gives them an unusual artistic dimension.

His work is meticulous, thoughtful and full of poetic realism.

Captivated by extravagant imagery, his illustrations and stories are influenced by the world of Gothic Literature, Science Fiction and Fantasy films and explore the European art world of the turn of the century avant-garde  and expressionism movement. His work melds disciplines such a design, architecture, set design and photography.

Mircala’s works with simple materials like colored cardboard, scissors, glue and crayons. He builds three dimensional models crafting little theater stages that once photographed become the illustrations of his stories.

He is not just an illustrator but a complete author of short stories and poems for readers of all ages.

His most important picture books are:

- “The riddle of Valpul” SinSentido Publisher.   Lazarillo Illustration Award.

- “City Monstrualia” Published by Hyperion.

- “Gamusoides Mircalianos” Published by Hyperion

- “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde,  Banaka  Publisher

- “Sinister Beloved” SinSentido  Publishing, Award of the Spanish Association of Design Professionals.

- “Eclipse in Malasaña” SinSentido Publishing, Visual Award.

- “Pentagonia” SinSentido Publishing.

- “Dark romance, pale ghost” El Patito Publisher.

- “Descent Esquela” El Patito Publisher.

- “Compostela Iconographic” El Patito Publisher.

- “Panic in the forest withered hearts,”  Bululú Publisher.

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