CTNXmas Challenge

Open Until April 26th

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    CTNXmas Challenge
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    Open Until April 26th, 2016

CTNXmas Challenge


Open Until April 26th
Grand Prize:  Eyvind Earle Holiday Card Book + $500
2nd Place:  The Complete Graphics of Eyvind Earle Volume 1 + $300
3rd Place:  The Complete Graphics of Eyvind Earle Volume 2 + $100
4th Place:  Painting a Painting DVD + $50
Calling all Artists:
In late Spring in 1939 best known for his design work on Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Eyvind Earle, began his career designing Christmas Cards. In honor of Eyvind Earle’s 100th birthday  on April 26th, CTN is hosting a 30-day Christmas Card Challenge. Design your card(s) honoring Eyvind Earle, but in your style and in any medium to fit on a 4.75” x 7” card either portrait or landscape. You can submit up to 12 card designs per entry. Only one winner per entry. Cash and prizes. Winners are published as part of a greeting card set by CTN Press and featured at the CTN animation eXpo and Gallery.
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“I never planned to be involved with Christmas card designing. It simply happened as a means of survival. Somehow, the designs pour out of me with almost no effort at all. I was never critical of my own work, I simply turn out one or two or even more designs in one day. For one thing, to me every day is Christmas. Every creation is divine. Cover the ugliest run down shack with snow, and it becomes a magic vision of purity. Every mother with her child is a Madonna.” – Eyvind Earle


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