Classic Gesture Drawing
Jan 19-March 2

  • Workshop Title:
    Classic Gesture Drawing
  • Instructor:
    David Pimentel
  • Show Schedule:
  • Date and Time:
    Jan. 19 - Feb. 23, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Classic Gesture Drawing
Instructor David Pimental
Monday nights
7:00 – 9:00
Limited seating
January 19th – February 23th (6 weeks) Extended to March 2nd

$215 for the entire series in advance
$250 for the entire series at the door
$45 at the door per session (Only if there is room)


Last class includes raffle to win one 3-day pass to the CTNX2015 and other prizes.
(Must be enrolled in full series to be eligible for raffle)

Classic Gesture Drawing is a very popular workshop that is only held at this location. Originally done as an after hours event at the CTN animation eXpo for those attendees who didn’t want to go to a party, this session was filled to capacity with over 80 people and is NOW available to you, as a six week session.

This workshop will take place in the new Center Stage Gallery located in Burbank Ca. We are extremely proud to have David Pimentel who will be sharing what he feels is the purists approach to gesture and expression in drawing. As a direct disciple of the great gesture instructor from Walt Disneys classic animation days, Walt Stanchfield, David shares his talent and passion with you during this very exciting, high energy and spirited workshop.

David Pimental has been in the animation industry for 14 years. Starting his career at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in hand drawn animation on such films as Pocahantas, Hercules, Fantasia 2000, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Atlantis, Treasure Planet and Home on the Range. In 2002 David began working for Dreamworks Animation Studios storyboarding on such films as Sharktale, Shrek 2 and Kung Fu Panda. David became a Head of Story on Jerry Sienfelds Bee movie and How To Train your dragon. David is working in Walt Disney’s Development Department and helping storyboard various projects currently in production.

“Draw verbs, not nouns. A noun is a thing that can be named; a verb is that thing given the breath of life.” –Walt Stanchfield

Walt [Stanchfield] was a kind of Mark Twain for us at Disney. He always taught with humor and skill. You learned to see the world through his eyes. I remember him one day encouraging us to leap into our drawings with boldness and confidence, “Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us so the sooner you get them out the better!” Sitting in Walt’s class was as much a psychology course as it was a drawing class. One couldn’t help walk away with your mind and soul a little more open than when you entered. –Glen Keane


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