Cinematic Storytelling
Deconstructed July 24 – September 27

  • Show Title:
    Cinematic Storytelling Deconstructed: The Sketches of Samuel Michlap
  • Artist:
    Samuel Michlap
  • Show Schedule:
    July 24 - September 13

Cinematic Storytelling Deconstructed: The Preliminary Sketches of Samuel Michlap

See the thought process un-camouflaged by paint exposed for the first time in these preliminary sketches done by the brilliant visual designer Samuel Michlap. Done at various locations and for different projects these sketches have been gathered together giving you the feeling that you have just walked into this artists process.
Every film project starts with the creator journey of how best to visually communicate “the idea” that best describes visually ‘that story’.  It is both a collective mind team effort with a crew of talent and solitary process as the individual artist dives deep into the centrifuge of possibilities. Cinematic Storytelling Deconstructed is an exhibit of sketches and preliminary paintings created by Production Designer Samuel Michlap for large scale projects from film and personal exploration.  Exposing the possibilities this exhibit deconstructs the cinematic storytelling process with over 100 never before seen preliminary sketch pieces showing you a very privileged look at the  journey from the creator mind to the screen during the process of visual communication for film.

Original artwork both on display and for sale. Portfolio reviews and workshop opportunity with Samuel Michlap. Limited edition prints and a book created for this show.

About the Artist:

Samuel Michlap began his animation career in 1992 as a layout artist on Walt Disney’s Classic “The Lion King” and then as a Journey Man (the layout artist creating WorkBooks: the cinematic blue print for all traditional 2D films) as well as a key set designer on “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

From its formation in 1995, Samuel was influential at DreamWorks as a Lead Visual Development artist, Art Director, and ultimately Production Designer. He contributed to “the Prince of Egypt”, “The Road to El Dorado”, Sinbad”, “Shrek”, “SharkTale”, ” Monsters Vs. Aliens”, “Tusker”, “Madagascar 3″, “Turbo”, “MegaMind” and “The Rise of the Guardians”. Sam was also the Production Designer for DreamWorks’ exciting Feature Animated Film titled “B.O.O” and is also an accomplished Fine Art Gallery Painter.

Sam just finished working on a PSA “Last Days Of Ivory”, with live action Director Kathryn Bigelow ( Hurt Locker, Zero Dark 30). This important animated short discloses the truths of the Ivory Trade. Please visit for more information on how to participate in helping to save Our endangered Elephants, and to watch the short. Sam has also worked in the themed entertainment field.  Most recently Sam has consulted on several upcoming Disney TV original series and works both in Live Action as a concept designer and Animation.
Sam teaches online with LAAFA, and is an adjunct Professor in the Entertainment Design department at Art Center College of Design and is a Professional member of The Creative Talent Network.
Sam’s clients include, Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Sony, BlueSky, IDT, Imagi Studios, Howard Mandville Gallery, Trailside Gallery, Ann Hughes Fine Art Gallery, Settler’s West Gallery, Universal, IM Digital, EA Games, Buena Vista Visual Effects, ILM.


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