3000 Moments Closing
Jun 27- Aug 3, 2014

Closing Celebration
Sunday August 3rd
1:00pm – 5:00pm
Sunday Brunch

Come help us celebrate the funding the “3000 Moments” book project on Kickstarter and close the show reception with Pascal Campion at Center Stage Gallery. His kickstarter campaign for the book “3000 Moments” funded in 4 days and is now into “stretch goals” to make the book even better. Come celebrate, meet the artist, get that print you always wanted signed and join us for this great event.  This is the last day to meet the artist and view Pascal Campion’s art exhibit debut in Los Angeles. This is not to be missed!

Prints are still available for order HERE!
Orders made after July 27th will not have the option of being Signed or Personalized due to the Artist’s availability.

To support the stretch goals for this great project just visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3000moments/3000-moments

Exhibition Description:
Watching the time go by is an individual singular experience but “a moment in time” is something that is shared.  Join us for “3000 Moments” where each piece is a glimpse in time into a moment expressing the feelings, emotions and inspirations shared between people living life. Each moment is beautifully described visually and expressed by illustrator and designer Pascal Campion in his Los Angeles art exhibition debut at Center Stage Gallery.

In 2006 Pascal began to truly develop his own art and style, but lacking time due to his full time job, he had to come up with an efficient solution. It was then that “Sketch of the Day” was born: every morning since then, first thing, he creates a sketch, albeit full color, and a story unto itself.  This routine has yielded an archive of  3,000 sketches and over 100,000 organic Facebook followers and growing numbers on Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt and Pinterest.

Join us for ’3000 Moments’ between June 24th and August 3rd to see new art work presented each week.  Each piece is a moment of  shared inspiration, story telling, or glimpse of a fond memory.


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